Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesday Run

4 x 800, 6 x 400, choose your poison. I understand the track and monarch has been under construction, so I guess you may be going to the other one? I will be at teh gym, if anyone is interested in that!

And I have a question. What attracts you to a race? if it is the cause what is it that attracts you? if it is the bling, what about it? the shirt, the medal. the meal? What? Location? route? routine of always doing it? Group think? what would draw you to a race, cause you to sign up, convince you to race?

Any feedback is good feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Happy birthday Sam!

Tomorrow's run Is for Sam, have a donut instead of a bagel to celebrate!
Looks like 15-18k. Suggested route linked above.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tuesday run

Looks like 4 or 6 x 800 tonight....everyone to the track....I played tennis today, doesn't compare,but it's something!  Have a great workout.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Saturday run

A shot from my drive up to the wood last night. I cannot tire of this....

Some asked for 16k, here is a option. I am back nmy bike this's weekend, finally! Have a fab long weekend!

Steve, hope your lasting run went well today!