Friday, 25 January 2013

Alternate route....maybe

Apparently the snow came a day late so the Don Trail loop may have to wait. Here's another possible route or we can do out and back to Rosetta McCain park.

Call in the troops and see you at 8 am!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Saturday, Jan 26

I am collecting completed forms and $50 cash for those of you interested to join the Monarch Park indoor track for Tuesdays beginning February 19 to April 30. Lanes will be reserved for our group and pylons will be placed to ensure no cutting across lanes.

This weekend's post-run nourishment will be chez Leslieville Diner (1186 Queen St. E, just west of Leslie St.). In the words of a reviewer on Yelp, "[if] you want fancy, then go somewhere else, but if you want honest to goodness breakfast food and really good coffee, then you can't beat this place". Coach G suggests parking at Tim's.

Routes - Don Valley Trail loop
Suggested routes for this weekend are north on the Don Valley Trail. Exit at Cullen Bryant Park @ O'Connor/Coxwell, then:

For 17.5k:
O'Connor to Woodbine
Woodbine to Queen
Queen to Leslie

For 22.5k
O'Connor to St. Clair E
St. Clair E to Victoria Park
Victoria Park to Queen
Queen to Leslie

For 27k:
O'Connor to St. Clair E
St. Clair E to Midland
Midland to Kingston Rd
Kingston Rd. to Queen
Queen to Leslie

NOTE: We will take the route to the streets if the trail is too messy with snow.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Saturday, Jan 19

Half-Marathon programs call for 16k this weekend -- I've proposed routes for east or west. You can choose based on wind direction, your mood, etc.

Option 1: East along waterfront path to Rosetta McClain Gardens and return
Option 2: Leslieville-Annex loop - 13k or 16k

Please let me know if you're interested in the Tuesday pass for 11 weeks (Feb 19-Apr 30) for the indoor track at Monarch Park Stadium. The cost is $50 cash (taxes included). The Stadium has invited us to come by for a run at the facility next Tuesday, Jan 22.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Update on Monarch Park

Hi Everyone,

I called Monarch Park for an update on the new stadium and track. The track has been resurfaced and is marked for multiple distances and the length is 370m.

For our group, the cost for Tuesday access for 11-weeks (Feb 19-Apr 30) would be about $50 per person (see attached form). No other run group currently has Tuesday access. Marathon Dynamics is using the track on Monday nights. They may be able to offer a discount for anyone who wants everyday access.

They've invited us to come out for our workout next Tuesday.

Also, here are things coming up at Monarch Park:
  • Sunday, June 9th - 5k, 10k, 1k for kids and 100m for toddlers  - final lap around the track - they will be looking for participants and volunteers
  • Toronto Road Runners coming soon (similar to New York Road Runners) - annual fee will be between $30-$40 and will include a t-shirt and discounts
Let me know your thoughts and we can move forward from there.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Saturday, Jan 12 from Tim's

Suggested loop for distances of 9k, 14k and 18k 

All routes begin by heading north on Leslie

Leslie to Ivy (north of Queen)
Ivy to Greenwood (north)
Greenwood to Felstead (east)
Felstead to Hanson (cross Coxwell)
Hanson becomes Lyne (north to Danforth)

Follow the Danforth and return to Tim's according to the instructions below:

9k - go south at Woodbine to waterfront trail and return to Tim's
14k - go south at Warden to waterfront trail and return to Tim's
18k - go south to the bottom of Birchmount and then return via waterfront trail to Tim's

See you Saturday!