Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The ScotiaBank Marathon, as do all marathons, renews ones faith in humanity.  It puts all reality shows to shame.  This was a great race on a perfect day.  It was especially meaningful to me because Daniella and her future husband, Peter (and our future son in law), were running the half. Even more special, was the fact that Jo ran Daniella in for the last 10k or so.  Nothing like running with the family - just ask Carol-Sue.  It is a good way to weed out the slackers who are trying to weasel in to a good family.  Peter passed the test.

I took this photo at Bathurst and King as the eventual winner, Deressa Chimasa came flying though with a few of his buddies.  What struck me was the similarity in form and speed with our own crew.  Damn if Simon doesn't remind me of Deressa - and isn't Judy the spitting image of the guy behind him.  Bob is for sure the guy with the green shoes and the guy at the back of the picture - just flying with the red shoes and blue top - that's Pam.  Steve, who had a great race, is right in the middle with the white shoes

I do not want to mention who the slacker with the dog on the far side of the road reminds me of - but you all know what I mean.

There is no doubt that running marathons and even watching marathons makes the day just a little bit nicer.

These finishers, obviously are having too good a time which suggest to me (just saying) that they didn't leave it all on the track.


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