Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Stellarrunners live on!

Seems we've grown up!  We have been doing this for many years now...I think it may have been 2005?  We have routes, schedules, opinions, surveys,  races....all available for the taking!  Last night, after some brief discussion - we agreed that we are ready for the next phase of our relationship. 

The blog is still a functioning repository for whatever you want to post and/or find.  We can continue to post schedules as people create them. Also any routes anyone finds that they want to share, races we want to do, we can continue to post links to those things.If you want to send them to me, I am happy to post them. Or, if you want to do this yourself, I can open the blog to you so that you can go in and manage the info yourself.  The blog funcitionality continues to evolve and improve, which makes it easier to use and navigate.

Tuesdays and Saturdays are still our run dates, but we won't be sending emails every week.  If there is something to share, we can post on the blog, or simply send an email to stellarrunners as we do now. 

One question remains...when do we switch to 7am? 

Looking forward to another summer of funning, running, sunning!
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