Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tuesday Run

I was saving this for Christmas, but those who want to know, want it now!  Here is a first training program for ATB and spring events.  Also posted on the blog down the right side for future reference.

Winter Spring 2013

Because the training program is out, and hills begin in January, you may want to consider the uphill battle now.  Suggested route tonight.

  • Eastwood to woodbine, cross to Glenmount
  • Up Glenmount to Gerrard.  
  • For more hills, turn left and make you way up and down back to Occasions.
  • For more hills AND longer run, turn right to Main, south to Kingston, cross to Williamson, Left and across the bridge, up the pines, make your way back.

OH, and if you see Rob Ford, don't try to stop him.  He will not yield.
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